Влюбитесь с первого путешествия

Love on your first journey

Kuzbass is an amazing combination of incompatible, surprising and inspiring. There is a sea of taiga and a powerful industry, bears and bloggers roam here, here mountains meet cities, shamans and jazz stars, fluffy snow and hot metal. Open your heart to a new, exciting experience!
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Active tourism

It's breathtaking here

The best slopes of Russia with stunning snow, fast mountain rivers and large expanses of wild taiga attract hundreds of thousands of visitors from all over the world. The fun of Sheregesh and the complete silence of the taiga
Industrial tourism

Here the silence is creepy

Places of energy in Shoria and therapeutic mud of Berchikul. The healing power of the mountain air of the Celestial Empire and the sports centers of Tashtagol. Gain strength, recharge your immunity, put your thoughts in order.
Informative tourism

Fine cuisine here

Taste Teleut dumplings and energetic Shor talkan, glacial ice cream and crystal water from mountain rivers. We call our cuisine gourmet, because even plain dishes in the mountains feel different.
Gastronomic tourism

Here are fiery legends

Heroic construction sites and ancient Shor legends, avant-garde architecture and ancient megaliths. The history of the Kuzbass commune and the Tisul princess, Vladimir Mayakovsky and Yevgeny Grishkovets