Monument to Kuzbass Participants of the Great Patriotic War

Kemerovo, Pritomskaya embankment

The monument to Kuzbass Soldiers, who died for their country in 1941-1945, was opened on May 9, 1970, the 25th anniversary of Victory Day, on Kemerovo Pritomskaya embankment. Originally, this monument was a concrete and marble stone with the inscription: "Here is erected a monument to Kuzbass young Communists who died a heroic death in the battle for freedom and independence of the Soviet Motherland during the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945. Laid October 23, 1958".

Now the monument is a white 18-meter stele. The white color traditionally symbolizes commitment, openness, unity, this fact determined the choice of colour for the monument to war veterans. The stele bears the inscription: "Gratitude to Kuzbass soldiers, who died for their Motherland in 1941-1945". These words are dedicated to all the soldiers who with their bravery, courage, and patriotism boldly resisted and attacked the enemy, protecting their country and all its citizens. They walked forward without fear of neither death nor pain, nor any enemy. Participants of the Great Patriotic War are true heroes, who sacrificed their own lives to victory. The choice of the color in which these words were written, also plays little importance. Gray symbolically means sadness (because every war is a sorrow, which affected every family), hope for the best (the war has claimed many lives, but it ended and memory of these people will live forever in every heart). The lower part of the stele presents two figures of soldiers in uniform. One of them stands and holds a banner that represents the unity connecting all the warriors into a single whole, a single body, with a common goal – the victory. The second young man is a kneeling soldier with a machine gun. He is the personification of the events of the war, the soldier is willing to join fighting the enemy and he is ready to fight until the end.

Today, the monument is a place for solemn events in commemoration of all the people killed in wars. To this place come to people of all generations from pupils and students to the Russian army soldiers to honour all the veterans and war victims. The monument is a symbol of the great people's strength, courage, steadfastness and patriotism. On the solemn days to commemorate the events of the Great Patriotic War, various activities are held by the monument, including memorial rallies, changing of the guard and laying of flowers to the memorial. The eternal flame is burning near the monument, which symbolizes the eternal memory of the fallen soldiers, which makes almost everyone remember that tragic page of the history of our state.

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