Common Grave of Red Army Soldiers

Памятный знак у завода

In February 1921, one of the battalions of the 308th Regiment of the 5th Red Army 35th Division and regiments of internal troops succeeded in defeating the Novoselov gang in Altai territory near the village of Sorokino. Novoselov opposed the Soviet regime and terrorized the population of Altai. About 400 bandits were destroyed with the remnants of the gang managed to get away to Barnaul district.

Five Red Army soldiers were killed in the fighting, whose bodies were brought to the headquarters of the regiment in Gurievsk. The dead were buried in a common grave near the old market square and a small wooden memorial was established. In 1972, it was replaced for an obelisk made of brick and concrete.

The obelisk is mounted on a two-stage podium. Three sides of the obelisk (left, right and rear) of the podium are decorated with descents in the form of steps.

On the front of the obelisk verge there is a cast iron plaque with bas-relief of a Red Army soldier with a banner carrying the inscription in large letters, "To those who died for the cause of the proletariat eternal memory!". Under the inscription there is a bouquet of laurel branches bound with a band.

Памятный знак у завода


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