Mountain Skiing Complex Sheregesh

Кемеровская область, пос. Шерегеш

SHEREGESH ski resort is a unique natural and climatic complex, second largest and most popular ski resort in Russia, located in Mountain Shoriya, South of Western Siberia, Kemerovo region (Kuzbass). The resort owes its name to a nearby Sheregesh village, named after the indigenous hunters, Sheregeshev brothers, ethnic Shors, who discovered iron ore deposits here in early 20thcentury.

Sheregesh is one of the most picturesque places in Russia with a rare combination of factors that create an inimitable atmosphere of unity with nature along with a developed infrastructure. Sheregesh offers a unique individual experience: adventures, acquaintances, relationships, impressions, memories – everything is very dynamic yet hasteless. Low humidity, climate mildened by middle altitude, early and abundant snowfalls guarantee natural snow season, longest in the country: from early November to May. Mountains with diverse reliefs, comfortable both for novices and pros, famous “cold” light fluffy snow, low danger of avalanches, the same amount of sunny days as in Sochi, splendid freeride and oversnow tourism opportunities. Strikingly beautiful landscapes – any season of the year! Sheregesh in summer offers a huge variety of offers for active rest and relaxation.

Sheregesh has three riding sectors, interconnected with a common skipass, 18 cable lifts of various types, more than 50 kilometers of quality pistes, numerous inventory rental centers, instructors’ service. There are more than a score of cafés at hand in the riding zone, virtually unlimited opportunities for fans of backcountry skiing, snowboarding or ski-dooing. Hotel town scaled to fit 3000 visitors is located within walking distance of the mountain infrastructure of the resort: it does not take more than 5 to 10 min on foot to get from any of the hotels to a nearest cable lift.

Most of the pistes and elevators take course on the slopes of the Zelyonaya (Green) Mountain, through the peak of which it is possible to get to any riding sector.


Sector A of Sheregesh ski resort represents its historical center with most developed mountain infrastructure and a hotel town located at the foot of the pistes. 12 bar lifts and chair lifts are at the tourists' service. Pistes have different levels of complexity, two of them are of FIS European Cup standard. Sector A will be interesting for everyone, both novices and experts. The key thing is to know one's limitations and observe safety regulations.

Ski school “Nevalyashka” is open for tourists of any age and skill level by the foot of Sector A in the central part of Sheregesh resort. Youngest of the tourists can stay here in the children’s playroom or on the practice slope. Numerous cafés by the foot and on the top of the Zelyonaya mountain give you an opportunity to have a snack, get warm, communicate with others and enjoy fascinating landscapes as well as tourists around you in any nook of the resort.

Sector E is situated on the southwest slope. Here is the lengthiest piste of the resort, 4 km long; tourists can reach the peak using a modern high-speed gondola lift. Sector E pistes are suitable for both novices and experienced ski tourists, snow tubing is available in the lower part, as well as the most capacious café of the resort, “Susanin”, along with a nursery, equipment rental, instructors’ service and ski-dooing service.

Sector Malka is located between Sectors A and E. The mountain peak can be reached with the help of a high-speed chair/gondola lift, gondola lift or T-bar lift. Pistes and numerous air passages are comfortable both for novices (in the lower part) and experienced ski tourists. Café at the boarding area and on the mountain top as well as rentals and ski-dooing club are at tourists’ disposal.

The hotel town is located compactly at the foot on the shallow slope part of Sector A. A vast variety of hotels (about 50, ranging from hostels to VIP apartments) are at guests’ disposal, along with restaurants and night clubs, Russian wooden sauna (banya), hammams, saunas and pools, ice-skating rink, inventory rentals and souvenir shops.

Off-peak season in Sheregesh lasts since mid-February to mid-April. It is in this season that you can take part in mass dress-up or bikini schussing during the Guinness World Records winning GelkaFest.

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